Surviving The Rainy Days 


If I’m being completely honest, this week has been a little rough for me. I’ve allowed overthinking and pestimistic thoughts to fill my week with a storm. You see I’m 23 years old. I’m a recent college graduate. And although, I have a lot to celebrate, my life is not quite where I thought it would be. As a little girl I fantasized about what going into adult hood would be like. I dreamed about all I would achieve and accomplish by the time I was 25. I know life doesn’t always happen as planned. But, no one told me I would feel the way I sometimes feel. No one told me that I would become my own worst enemy. I’ve always been very emotional. I easily get irritated, and I’m very quick to cry, especially over things I’m passionate about. I know that, that is very unattractive for a 23 year old. Which is why I decided that this is my year to control my peace of mind. 2017 is going to be the year that I’m in control of my feelings and emotions. And so far I’ve been doing pretty good. However, this week. This week I’ve been feeling like Debbie Downer. I’ve been overwhelmed with sorrow. I have been praying for some of the same situations for years. I have this one trial that I have been praying over for around three years. What do you do when you’ve been constantly praying, but your still unsure? Im literally screaming God I can’t see the signs, please talk to me! Sometimes I wish God could come down and just smack me in my face & say “Ray Open Your Eyes I Showed You The Signs.” What do you do when it seems as everyone is moving on and worrying about their own lives, everyone is setting & achieving personal goals, but you’re just stuck? As much as you try to prosper, and grow and accomplish your own goals, you’re distracted by situations from the past. Well that was my main reason for me creating this blog. To share my trails and tribulations and to hopefully inspire or encourage someone else in situations similar to mine. So I told myself I was going to try and make a blog post either Monday or Tuesday of every week. Well, it’s 9am Friday morning and I finally gained the strength to write. Monday & Tuesday of this week I was laying  in my sorrows lol (I’m so dramatic). Nonetheless, I’m serious I was, I am still hurting right now. I went to sleep last night very upset, but I woke up this morning! And that’s just it! God woke me up this morning! That alone is enough for me to be grateful. And because God has woken me up this morning I know he has not giving up on me. One of my favorite scriptures is Jeremiah 29:11 and it reads “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (NIV). That scripture holds so much volume to me. God has great plans for me, and although I may not see it or understand it today, things will always work out according to God’s will. Another scripture I try to remember on my raining days is Psalm 37:4 and this scripture reads “Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” (NIV). See Psalms 37:4 reminds me that my number one job in life is to live right by God. If I do my very best to live like I desire to get into the kingdom of God, then I’m going to be alright! God is going to take care of me. He has and he will continue to bless me with more than I need. I’m not just talking about financial, or meterial blessings. I mean God is going to take care of me by showering me in spiritual blessings. He is going to continue to shower me in his love, so I have to ability to bless others. That in it’s self is enough for me to jump out of bed and give God glory! Hallelujah!! So even though I have been down this week. Even though I have been carrying this storm cloud over me. I have cried myself to sleep.9f88b12718b3a495ffcc526a7a1d4bec I woke up this morning remembering I have a reason to be at peace. I remembered that I can’t stay in the storm, because there is always a calm after a storm. God is going to see me through this. I just have to be patient, and wait for my peace to return once more. God has not giving up on me so I can not give up on him. I give God praise for all things. I’m declearing victory, I am about to go get me a Vetti Carmel Ice Latte from Starbucks,  and I’m declearing calm over this storm. I’m declearing in Jesus name that today to is going to be a great day, for me and for you! I hope I was any to encourage you, or give you some hope, feel free to comment like or share. -RAD

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